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The Data Manager allows you to integrate your own addresses, e.g. of your customers or suppliers, as a data file. The addresses are displayed on the map and can be used for route planning.

  • To enable this option, click the appropriate icon on the function bar. The navigator opens.
  • Select the Data Manager. The Data Manager opens in a new tab.
  • The Administration sub-tab opens automatically and displays a list of all available data files.


Kindly note that the following limits apply to the volume of managed data due to performance reasons:

  • A maximum of 5 databases can be created and managed in the File Manager. The number does not increase even if you have more licences and multiple users work in the File Manager.
  • Each database should contain a maximum of 1,000 data sets
  • Each data file should contain a maximum of 30 columns
  • The maximum size of each loaded csv file should not exceed 5 MB.