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SETIRplanner is capable of that

More and more companies require proof of CO2 emissions with transport services. Moreover, legal restrictions are being introduced. France is one of the first European countries to lawfully require CO2 reporting for transport within, from and to France from 2013 onwards. Thanks to the unique emission calculator integrated in SETIRplanner, you will be able to satisfy the demand for "green logistics" already when planning a route. The software will determine all relevant emissions for the calculated route independent of the vehicle, weight or gradient. It also allows direct emission compensation by means of the myclimate non-profit foundation. Moreover, you can also draw up detailed emission reports.

Obtain a decisive competitive edge, offer green logistics to your customers and prepare your company for future legal regulations.

When calculating a route, the SETIRplanner automatically reports generated emissions:

  • Depending on the vehicle configuration, unladen weight and payload, as well as on the traffic situation and the road conditions (upgrade/downgrade, road type,etc.), all relevant emissions are calculated (CO2, aviationemissions, greenhouse gases).
  • Creation of a detailed emission report for a particular route
  • Reporting on CO2 emissions based on the French decree 2011-1336, which requires CO2 reports for all transports within, to and from France.
  • Optional CO2 emission calculations for subcontractors.
  • Calculations are possible in accordance with the new EN 16258 standard laying down the methodology for calculating energy consumption of transport services