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Plan your routes all over Europe based on data important for trucks and hazardous goods in more than 10 categories (e.g. height and weight limitations, or transit bans). Simply enter your own road closures according to your personal requirements. You can plan your route types to completely avoid ferries, low-emission zones and toll roads. Or you can plan routes for heavy-cargo vehicles to lead along motorways as much as possible.

SETIRplanner includes driving times and rest periods in route planning. The software will also consider the remaining driving and shift times of your drivers and identify suitable parking spaces for the appropriate time slots. Moreover, it allows to include permanent roadworks and current traffic information and to take them into account when planning a route. Avoid unnecessary detours and costs when planning routes and reach your destination safely and quickly.

SETIRplanner will calculate an optimum truck route while considering:

  • Official truck and hazardous goods data within Europe
  • Height, width, length, total weight and axle loads limitations
  • Transit bans (> 3.5 t, trailers and hazardous goods transport)
  • Further restrictions, such as "Residents Only", and much more
  • Individually customizable vehicle profiles (e.g. semi-trailer truck, 40-tonner…)
  • Permanent roadworks, long-term road closures, and the latest traffic information
  • Generally prescribed driving times and rest periods, as well as remaining driving and shift times of your drivers
  • Individual preferences (e.g. entry and exit permits to/from restricted zones or avoidance of ferries/toll roads)
  • Alternative routes
  • Low-emission zones
  • Sequence optimisation
  • Emission calculation