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Do you know the following scenario?

Your truck is delivering goods to several customers along a single route. And they all want their deliveries to be made within a specific time slot during the day. Planning the optimum sequence can thus take a couple of hours.

WithSETIRplanner, you can quickly and easily optimise the stops-offs on the route with a view to the required sequence. The calculation can include the air distance, road distance in kilometres or the time slots, in which a delivery to the customer is possible. With the driving time calculator, you can consider opening times, ramp times, availability as well as fixed start and end points, for example. Save driving time and avoid unnecessary travel, waiting times and transport costs.

SETIRplanner will plan the optimum sequence of your stop-offs while considering:

  • ndividual time slots allowing you to serve more customers in less time
  • Calculations based on the actual kilometres travelled and/or time slots during which the customers want deliveries to be made
  • Opening times and time slot systems for warehouse deliveries
  • Opening times and ramp times
  • Reduced waiting times at ramps
  • Availability and fixed start and end points